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Internet Ad Brokers delivers your ads to real people who are actively engaged in looking for your products / services.
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Internet Ad Brokers offers publishers flexible solutions to create a steady income stream while maximizing your traffic's revenue potential.

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Take advantage of Internet Ad Brokers' comprehensive newsletter and mail campaign software. It's easy to integrate and combine with any form of keyword, video and display marketing and multiplies your reach exponentially.

The system and software used by Internet Ad Brokers guarantees a 99% delivery rate to preapproved addresses, as well as the ability to select and filter address lists based on a number of parameters to customize the campaign.

Global Newsletter℠ campaigns are also available as a standalone service, located at

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Internet Ad Brokers offers a range of high-quality pay-per-click advertising, engaging banner ad placements, effective behavioral targeting, affordable local marketing and performance-based remarketing solutions enabling advertisers to reach a wider audience through our extensive network of exclusive search and publisher partners. Since 2009, Internet Ad Brokers has been connecting thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day - now delivering more than 10 billion ad impressions each month. Internet Ad Brokers is focused on providing the most effective, affordable and easy-to-use ppc search and display advertising platform in the industry. ©2011 Internet Ad Brokers. All rights reserved.