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Internet Ad Brokers connects advertisers with high quality, well trafficked websites. If you're an online publisher with a website that fits these quality and traffic requirements, we have a great opportunity for you to establish a steady income stream that can maximize your revenue potential with our publisher monetization solutions!

Join our network of publishers to access a customized Sponsored XML Feed or Banner Ad Tags that connect you with thousands of our direct online marketers. You can control the ad formats to ensure a look that enhances your user's experience and best matches the look of your website. Our robust traffic monetization technology will put you in a powerful and profitable online alliance increasing your revenue.

Monetization Tools for Online Publishers

Sponsored XML Feed
Customizable, relevant text-ads in an easy to integrate format

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Banner Ad Tags
Engaging banner ads that attract attention, the ideal way to monetize any website

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For more information on publisher opportunities, call our toll free number at (888) 652-3737 or submit our convenient online contact form.

With such a powerful advertiser base, our XML sponsored Ad Feed and/or Banner Ad Tags are sure to better engage your visitors while helping your revenue grow!

Publisher Program Benefits

  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Easy Plug and Play Integration
  • Highly Clickable, Attractive Ads
  • Complete Ad Format Control
  • Broad Country Coverage
  • Monetization Tools
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Performance Tracking
Internet Ad Brokers offers a range of high-quality pay-per-click advertising, engaging banner ad placements, effective behavioral targeting, affordable local marketing and performance-based remarketing solutions enabling advertisers to reach a wider audience through our extensive network of exclusive search and publisher partners. Since 2009, Internet Ad Brokers has been connecting thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day - now delivering more than 10 billion ad impressions each month. Internet Ad Brokers is focused on providing the most effective, affordable and easy-to-use ppc search and display advertising platform in the industry. ©2011 Internet Ad Brokers. All rights reserved.